aXoChat the PERSONAL and SECURE Multi-Media-Messenger



What is the QR code for?

For your secure end-to-end encryption it is important to know who you are communicating with.
Among other things, you have a QR code at your disposal. This allows you and your friends to scan each other on your smartphone when you see each other personally. Then you can be 100% sure that you are really communicating with that person.

Is there an age limit for aXoChat?

From 16 years

Are messages stored encrypted on my device?

Yes, the data is stored encrypted, in an SQL cipher database that is encrypted itself, then the individual keys needed for identification and communication are also stored in an encrypted database. Device-specific settings such as background, tones, etc. are also stored in an encrypted database.

Could others decrypt my messages, e.g. if you were forced to do so by the authorities?

No, the data is not stored on the server, only for a short time, then it is deleted. Everything is encrypted, we don't know who the message comes from and who it goes to, because we use OTR or Axolotl Ratchet encryption, so it's impossible.

Where are the servers located?

Of course our servers are located in Germany!

I have lost my data! Can 1984not recover them somehow and send them to me?

Unfortunately no. As you know, we don't store any data about you. With your "fingerprint", which you created when you bought 1984not, you have the possibility to back up your data.

I didn't receive my confirmation email or SMS! What can I do?

The confirmation e-mails and SMS are there for you before you install aXoChat for the first time when you buy aXoChat for the first time. If you didn't get it, you are either offline or you just haven't had a connection. This means you have to reconnect and wait for the SMS to arrive. If the SMS does not come, you have to register again. Then you get another code sent to you.