aXoChat the PERSONAL and SECURE Multi-Media-Messenger


"Big Brother" can not watch you!

We're revolutionizing Messenger today:

All functions such as calendar and camera, as well as video, music and image editing are in one app for the security of your data.

Your data is safe from "Big Brother"!

The fact is: in other messengers, despite encryption, the phone number, location and address, the so-called metadata, stored in the cloud and continue to use. The providers even go so far and sell this data to third parties.

With aXoChat, with the most advanced end-to-end encryption,

"Big Brother" has no chance!

Chats, pictures, videos and music are well encrypted with us (1984not Security Whipepaper).

Help us by participating in our beta test to bring this great "All in One Messenger" on the market. Be there!

Beta test