aXoChat the PERSONAL and SECURE Multi-Media-Messenger


Send photos, videos and files

Your photos, videos & files belong only to you!
You decide with which options they are sent and encrypted.

Share your location

You can tell your friends where you are right now.

Chat with friends

Chat with a friend or in a group. You can exchange pictures, data and music in the chat.

Encrypted data storage

In order to protect your messages from foreign eyes, the open encryption protocol Axolotl (1984not Security Whipepaper) is used in 1984not. If you know the off-the-record protocol (OTR) well: Axolotl is a further development and offers the same as well as other features. These are as follows:

End to end encryption
No one but you and your interlocutor can decrypt your messages. Data is only transmitted over our server in encrypted form. We have no insight.

Authentication (Certification)
If you have already performed a key matchup with your interlocutor and you trust your interlocutor, you can be sure that the messages you receive actually originate from your interlocutor.  

If your interlocutor has recorded your call, the Axolotl protocol leaves no mathematical proof that you were the sender of these messages. The recordings therefore do not have a higher status in court than plain text recordings, it stands testimony against statement. This differs, for example, from PGP or S-MIME email encryption, where you can be identified as the sender.

Future Secrecy
If a listening attacker succeeds in decrypting a single message, this does not help the attacker to decrypt further messages.

Forward secretary
If an attacker cuts your calls in encrypted form, it is not possible to decrypt these recordings even if the attacker gets to your private master key.
Please note, however, that except for the Forward Secrecy and deniability, these characteristics are only given if neither your master key nor that of your interlocutor falls into the wrong hands. You should also be aware that the Axolotl protocol can't protect you against attacks that attack your messages before they are encrypted (e. g. via keystrokes).

Group chat
The group chat has the same features as normal communication, with a restriction in authentication. You can still be sure that the message really comes from the right group member. However, it cannot be guaranteed that all other group members have received the same message as you.

Post edited pictures or homemade drawings

With us you can edit photos immediately after taking them, during the chat, with a "brush".

You also have 50 filters at your disposal to beautify your photos.  A "canvas" is also available for you to paint on.  

You can also send Selfies as a collage or integrate several photos into one photo.

An internal audio player & equalizer generate encrypted files

You and your chat partner have the opportunity to exchange music with each other and even edit it in advance.

Simple audio features for editing your songs make music and recordings a special experience!

Of course you can also just listen to music including audio visualization.

Edit videos and send them encrypted

Here you can easily edit your movies and send them encrypted.

Chats, pictures & videos are automatically deleted on demand

Chats, pictures and videos are automatically deleted:
You determine the "expiration date" of your messages and can send your data with an expiration date.
Define after how many times read or view, delete the data from the chat partner's mobile phone itself.
The chat partner has no possibility to save your data in advance.

Integrated calendars

A calendar and your own Doodle are directly integrated in our Messenger.
This means that you can make appointments directly via aXoChat.
The recipient can confirm or change this appointment.
Appointments can also be organized in group chat.

The Secure Business Multi-Media Messenger

For the company the best end-to-end encryption. The used servers will be installed in your company by us.
You can take over the maintenance without problems independently over your IT department.
If you want to work in the cloud, no problem, we also have a solution.